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Since 2004

Founded in 2004, SG Studio works with the development and management of all the tools necessary for your company's online presence. The Internet is a dynamic medium that requires what we have: focus on innovation, constant improvement, agility and commitment.

What we do

We transform ideas into images: innovative design, solid and focused on strategic actions. We analyze, publish, measure: strategic planning of campaigns through metrics, monitoring and results. Then we analyze everything and restart the cycle. We are high-level in delivery: if we get the job, the deadline will be met!

Social Media

Your online presence. Social media management (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc), SEO and dissemination tools.

Digital Marketing

Planning, execution and management of online campaigns, based on metrics and focused on results.

Inbound Marketing

Creation of content and strategies to reach and direct your target audience.

Lead generation

Reaching potential customers based on data provided in marketing actions.


Marketing actions based on visitors reached in other campaigns.


Image building, reputation and strategies for your company.


Creative solutions in video productions for the advertising and corporate segments. Recording, editing and 2D animations.


Institutional, commercial and e-commerce responsive websites.

Online shops

Websites with complete, customised and user-friendly e-commerce systems.

Landing pages

Pages with the specific purpose of converting visitors into potential customers.