Who we are – SG Studio

SG Studio

Working from home, owning a business together, raising our kids, cooking and sharing almost all tasks. It has been this way for so long that the reality of SG Studio blends into every aspect of our lives.

Our professional side, creativity and passions are mixed. In this way, many of our clients become our friends. So we started sharing dreams together.

And we have followed this since 2004, without the concern to define the limit between our work and personal life, and with the certainty that we wouldn't do it any other way.


Advertising and "other small things". Mother of Frederico and Manuela, Lean's partner.


My family
Being close to nature
Making travel itineraries
Cinema and arts in general
Music, politics and philosophy
Exercising for fun
Me, when I'm very skinny and tidy
Cartoons and witty humour
Birds, flowers, cats, clouds and shells


Having creative ideas in the shower
Planning and organizing
Always finding the best angle
Connecting easily with people
Caring for people, plants and animals


Designer, MA in Philosophy, father of two children and some triathlon achievements.


Being with my kids and Camila
Sports (currently triathlon)
Music and podcasts all day
Literature, philosophy and politics


Wake up at 5am every day
Agility to solve problems
Self-taught with software
Transform ideas into images
References from the universe of arts
Heartwarming cuisine